About me

About me and my career

For more than 30 years I have been dealing intensively with the topics of muscle building, fat loss, nutrition, nutritional supplements, health and anti-aging! As early as the 1990’s I was training in the gym and competing in bodybuilding. Later I ran my own fitness and health shop, where I successfully advised, trained and looked after clients for the first time. I produced my own dietary supplements and was also a partner in various sports facilities.

In the 2000s, I then started to concentrate fully on the intensive advice and support of clients who want to improve and beautify their bodies successfully, permanently and without great effort and who want to promote their health. As a result, I have looked after clients in Germany and later in England, Dubai, Spain and Andorra and helped them to achieve their goals effectively and promptly.

My focus is on very individual care tailored to the personal genetics of the client. For almost 20 years I have developed my own conception and techniques with which I can recognize what exactly works best for my clients and which ones he or she is able to maintain in the long term in order to achieve maximum and, above all, lasting results.

In the implementation, I provide extensive advice, a health and body analysis, create individual genetic and health-related nutrition, nutritional supplements and fitness plans and train together with my clients in the private gym the training techniques that promise the best possible results.

My clients include private individuals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, public figures or even doctors!

my philosophy

My philosophy is to build and maintain a healthy and beautiful body without having to torture or suffer. Because this stress unnecessarily damages our body and the central nervous system, makes us old and is therefore completely counterproductive. 

I will tell and show you how you can get a more beautiful, healthier and more powerful body with the least effort and look younger and more attractive at the same time. The right diet, the right nutritional supplements and the right dose of physical activity, adapted to your genetics and your special circumstances, bring success!

Together we will achieve this by first analyzing your body (constitution, genetics, weight, body type, blood values, etc.) and then working with you to create a health, nutrition and fitness strategy that is particularly suitable for you and works. 

Sport and fitness help you to make your body more beautiful, healthier and more efficient, but are not an absolute must. Various of my clients only train 1 to 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes and have achieved excellent and, above all, lasting success with my specified training techniques in a short time.

… and it works for everyone and at all ages!

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