Do you want to be noticeably and measurably healthier, increase your fitness and look younger quickly, effectively and with the least amount of time? Over many years I have developed a successful system with which I analyse your body and your genetic prerequisites and on the basis of which I create a tailor-made concept that works for you and with which you achieve immediate and lasting results! My support is holistic, innovative and completely focused on your time and your goals. On my website you can get an overview of the spectrum of my activities. If you are interested, I will be happy to arrange an initial consultation without obligation and free of charge.
Founder – Body Academy

Alexander S. Vieira

Health, Fitness & Anti-Aging Expert
Learn more about my career, my philosophy & theses.

Range of Services

An overview of our range of services.

Extensive body analysis

nutritional optimisation

personalised nutritional supplementation

Specialised fitness care


Treatments & therapies

solvable problems

Our Premises

Location UK

Get an overview of
our premises in London, UK

Our joint path for your success in 7 steps

first contact

I will be happy to answer your questions and inform you about my services free of charge and without obligation. You can contact me at any time by WhatsApp, phone or email.

Getting to know each other personally

In a first session we get to know each other personally and can talk in detail about your topics, wishes and goals and put them into practice together.


With a detailed analysis, we can determine your physical and genetic prerequisites. We know your current status and what works for your body.

Strategies for Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Anti-Aging

Based on my analysis and your wishes and goals, I will develop individualised health, nutrition and fitness strategies that work for you without much effort.

Personalised nutritional supplementation

For an even easier, faster and lasting realisation of your goals, I offer dietary supplements and supplement cures specially adapted to you on request. These can work wonders!

Joint implementation

You can book me for individual sessions or arrange monthly support. I focus on your needs and adapt my service to your individual goals and progress.

Intelligent & long-term tracking

Your changes and successes are measurable! Through regular analyses and evaluations, we can determine exactly when we need to make which adjustments to ensure lasting progress.


Over 25 years
Experience in the field of health, nutrition, fitness & anti-agingnti-Aging
Pure 1 to 1
Counselling, care and treatment in absolute privacy
350 sqm
Private Health, Fitness & Anti-Aging Area
Over 500
Satisfied clients in intensive care

What my clients say

A small selection of my clients‘ opinions about my work.
In just a few months I have lost 12 kilos and even built up muscles. Not only do I feel physically fitter and stronger, but I also have much more energy in my everyday life. My trainer helped me change my diet and create a customised training programme based on my needs and goals. He was always motivating and supportive, even when I sometimes had doubts about whether I could achieve my goals. I can recommend my personal trainer to anyone looking for an experienced, competent and dedicated trainer to help you become the best version of yourself!
Karsten, 54 Years
I finally got rid of the annoying fat! I could hardly believe it when I stepped on the scales and saw that I had lost several kilos in just a few weeks - and without having to make any big changes to my diet or everyday life. The changes I made were minimal, but the results were amazing. I felt lighter, more energetic and more confident. It's amazing how small steps can make big changes. I am so glad I finally decided to do something about my obesity and can only recommend anyone who is also struggling with it to try it too. It's worth it!
Emilia, 28 Years
Theatre actress, author
I hardly had any time for exercise, but thanks to Alex I was able to achieve incredible changes with only 3 hours of training per week! I feel younger and fitter than ever before and all with minimal effort. Alex has helped me find effective exercises that I can do at home. I am so grateful for his support and can recommend him to everyone.
Natasha, 37 Years
Online retailer
Thanks to Alex, I have managed my sallow and pale skin, fatigue and stress management. I now feel energised, look much healthier and have learned to manage stress. I am very grateful and can recommend him to anyone looking for an improvement in their wellbeing!
Arthur, 52 Years
After only a short time of working with Alex, my body has improved tremendously. I have built muscle in the right places and lost fat at the same time. I didn't think I could do both at the same time. I have achieved more in a few months than I did in 8 years of training in the gym. I also learned a lot about my body, training and nutrition and that it works differently for each person. My performance has also increased and I feel much less stressed. I am so grateful for his care. That's why I recommend Alex anytime.
Tobias, 32 Years
I have been struggling with problem areas for a long time and I am so glad I turned to Alex! Thanks to him, not only have I been able to target my problem areas, but I've also been able to get healthier, firmer skin. And all this with minimal effort! The trainer showed me how to integrate exercises into my everyday life without spending hours in the gym. It was much easier than I thought it would be and I am so grateful for his support and guidance. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an effective and time-saving way to get in shape!
Sandra, 43 Years
Senior executives

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