My diet optimization differs greatly from the nutritional advice that is available on the market. You don’t just get a plan from me that’s customized for your age, weight, and goals in the hope that you’ll get results from it, like losing fat, building muscle, or getting fitter and healthier.

I will first talk to you in detail about your previous diet, your health, your everyday life and, of course, your ideas and goals. Based on our first conversation and the extensive body analysis, which is the basis of my advice and support, I can then identify which body type you are and which diet can work for your body and lead to quick and lasting results! As part of long-term care, I can understand and measure in detail how your body changes step by step and always react to it and make appropriate adjustments.

Every body works differently! There are different body types and everyone has their own basic calorie metabolism and reacts differently to certain foods and their components! In order to break down fat, for example, some people should only eat very little. Others need to eat more for the same result, but in a very targeted manner so that the metabolism is boosted and fats can be burned! Some require 2 to 3 meals a day, but others 4, 5 or 6!

To get to the point: every body has its own genetic body code!

To get to the point: every body has its own genetic body code!

My job is to determine your genetic body code with you and to develop a plan or just guidelines that you can implement easily and in the long term … without starving or suffering!!! Because often only the slightest adjustments to your diet are enough to achieve lasting success!

If you have any questions, please contact me without obligation and free of charge via e-mail or WhatsApp.

" Eating healthy
without starving
or sufferung. "

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