Specialised fitness care

My specialised fitness support is very different from the vast majority of providers on the market. In a gym, you usually get a more or less ready-made fitness plan that is similar to most other plans, probably a push-pull leg workout with 6 to 15 repetitions.
I have a completely different approach here! I first talk to you in detail about your physical conditions, your health, stress factors, your diet as well as your time, your wishes and goals. Based on our conversation and a body analysis, as well as in the context of longer-term support, I can identify exactly which fitness programme makes sense and works for your body!
There are different body types, such as ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph, each with different physical requirements. An individual training method is therefore crucial to build muscle and lose fat. Even within similar body types, however, there is a different distribution of muscle, muscle fibres and fat. Furthermore, each body has its own unique genetic make-up and individual health, immune system, nervous system, energy output, levers, bones, ligaments, tendons etc.
To put it in a nutshell: Every body has its own genetic body code! My job is to determine your genetic body code with you and to work out a fitness or exercise plan that is easy for you to implement in the long term! For over 25 years I have been working with various training techniques, some of which I have developed myself, with which you will achieve quick and lasting results! Often 2-3 training sessions of 20-30 minutes are enough. Neither heavy weights nor great efforts are required to achieve the best possible results!

Problem Zone Training for Men

Many men struggle with problem areas, especially around the abdomen, lower abdomen and hips. Some also have problems with the particular accumulation of fat in the chest area, known as gynaecomastia. Not only can a normal workout in a gym be uncomfortable, it often doesn’t give you the results you want! Pure muscle training can even worsen the visual effect by building up muscles under the fat mass, which then make the problem areas appear even more unflattering.
For this reason, it is important to tackle the problem from several angles in order to achieve fast and visible results. This is possible through special training that is adapted to the individual body type and other factors. This training should also be divided into training with weights to increase muscle mass and exercise training to reduce fat and strengthen the cardiovascular system. With the training techniques I have developed, we need no more than 3 30-minute training sessions a week. These do not have to be done in the gym either.
If you additionally optimise your diet and combine it with special sensible food supplements such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. in the right dosage and intake, you can achieve fast, visible and lasting results.

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Problem Zone Training for Women

Many women have certain body zones that they would like to tone and shape. These include in particular the abdomen, legs, buttocks, thighs and hips, which often have stubborn fat deposits and cellulite. In general, women often feel uncomfortable with their problem zones, but going to the gym is then often a very special hurdle. Women who already exercise or have changed their diet often complain that despite all their efforts, results are not forthcoming. This often has genetic and hormonal causes.
In order to really effectively improve a woman’s problem zones, in my view, it first and foremost requires an analysis to recognise where the problem originates. Because often you can address the body type, genetics and hormonal situation of the woman with completely different levers such as nutritional supplements and optimisations in the diet and achieve excellent results without just thinking about sports! However, if you want to achieve faster and lasting results and improve your health in the long term, then the recommended combined measure is special training and training techniques that primarily aim to stimulate the muscles and burn calories at the same time. Through this form of training, the body can be toned and fat deposits on the body can be reduced. We do it all together here at the Body Academy!

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Back training

Many people have problems with their backs. Occupational groups with predominantly sedentary work are particularly affected. In addition to a painful back, many suffer from a deformation of the entire skeletal musculature with increasing age, resulting in a so-called hunchback. This is not only visually unattractive, it also causes a whole series of health problems. Special back training can help prevent back pain or alleviate existing back pain. Training that is specifically geared to the posture of the body can effectively counteract a hunched back.
Studies show that exercises that strengthen the core muscles are effective in improving the stability and balance of the lower back. The same applies to specific abdominal, upper body but also leg training. After all, the entire back rests on the hips and legs. In addition to training with weights, you can also do many exercises with bands or your own body resistance. So you don’t necessarily have to go to a gym. It is best to combine the training with isometric exercises, stretching exercises and yoga positions. 2-3 sessions of 20 to 30 minutes a week can effectively help to treat back problems and strengthen general fitness and health.

Targeted muscle building

When it comes to building muscle, you first have to be aware that training with weights is a catabolic, i.e. muscle-degrading process. During training, the muscle is specifically irritated and thus damaged. This is called muscle trauma. The body tries to react to this stimulus and adapt. Through factors such as regeneration time and the supply of suitable nutrients, the muscle can recover and grow through the adaptation process. This is called supercompensation!
In order to build up muscles successfully, you have to provide a suitable stimulus through training. However, according to my scientific and practical experience, this stimulus should be rather small so that the entire system of body and nerves can also regenerate. Training for 1 to 3 sessions of 30 minutes per week may be sufficient. By the way, it is not the number of repetitions that is decisive for training, but the effective stimulus that is set. The stimulus is always best when it takes place close to muscle failure. This can also be at 30 or 50 repetitions. Special training techniques can additionally ensure that you can set a sufficient stimulus after just a few minutes.
On the other hand, for the muscle to really grow, it needs the right nutrients. Not only proteins (amino acids) are important for this, but also the right carbohydrates, fats and various micronutrients, which should be consumed in suitable form and quantity. Since everyone has different genetics and health, training, nutrition and supplementation should be highly individualised to achieve the best results.


Some of my clients want to lose fat and/or build muscle as quickly as possible and with little effort. This works very well with the highly professional Body Academy EMS BodyCreator. EMS stands for electromyostimulation. With the EMS BodyCreator, supramaximal contractions are triggered in the muscles by means of electromagnetic stimulation and radio frequency at a power of 1 to 14 Tesla. In this way, up to 20,000 repetitions can be performed within 20 to 30 minutes, for which you would have to train for weeks or even months in a fitness studio. The good thing is that you don’t have to do anything, just lie down and wait!
The EMS BodyCreator does not have much to do with EMS training as it is offered in many EMS studios and gyms. In EMS training with a wired suit, only a superficial stimulation current is delivered to the skin while certain exercises are performed. With the EMS BodyCreator, on the other hand, the targeted muscles (e.g. abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs) are penetrated by an intensive electromagnetic field and radio frequency. The muscles are put under extreme strain and receive strong growth stimuli.
But even better, the strong regional strain on the muscles simultaneously sets an impulse to release fatty acids so that they can be used for the required energy supply. The body mainly uses fatty acids from the local fat cell associations, i.e. in the areas that are worked on with the EMS BodyCreator. For example, muscles can be built up and fat can be reduced on the buttocks at the same time, which has been sufficiently proven by various studies.
With only a few non-invasive and painless sessions of 20-30 minutes each and at intervals of a few days or a few weeks, up to 20% fat can be lost locally and muscles built up, depending on the physical conditions. Additional optimisation of the diet and the intake of suitable nutritional supplements can not only improve the results, but also help to maintain them for as long as possible.
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